When choosing your accountant here’s how to find the sweet spot in a true partner for your business

When choosing your accountant here's how to find the sweet spot in a true partner for your business

With technology acquiring an increasing presence in accountancy practice, there's a sweet spot to find between your accountant being business-like and being a true partner for your business.

Avoid the exuberance of a sugar rush that might come with unrealistic claims. The boost you need will come from an accountant who creates a robust financial infrastructure, prioritise what's important, assess financial risks and identify opportunities for growth.

All this, of course, needs to be backed-up with credentials that attract a calibre of client you can align yourself with or aspire to.

In addition to this and the regulatory and ethical requirements of the ICAEW, GSM, for example, also provides the kind of prudent forward-looking, quality assured accounting which comes with our membership of the UK200 Group. This sets us challenging standards to meet and subjects us to an independent annual review.

Plus, with our combination of accounting expertise, over 100 years of business building experience, 'real world' pragmatism and regular communication, mean your best placed for a longer lasting business.

With this in mind, we have produced a pocket-sized guide for your journey. Quality Assured Accounting is one of a series of pocket-sized guides, all economically housed in a rather sweet desk-top box!

You can pick-up our Little Box of Accountancy Best Practice by arranging a no-obligation meeting. Call us today on 020 7935 3793