Haptic EPC Ltd

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Haptic EPC is an environmental consultancy specialising primarily in providing Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs) to commercial buildings in London.

EPCs are a legal requirement for any commercial space, from glittering offices in The City to Charity shops in suburbia and over the next few years the regulations governing them are incrementally tightening in steps to move us all, as a society, towards NetZero. Haptic remains passionately committed to reducing emissions in the built environment through detailed assessments and the provision of advice and outreach. 

The founder of Haptic, Chas Barr, seeks to bring some of the zest seen elsewhere in the property industry to a niche that had been something of a desert in terms of excitement and sees the green business revolution as the big growth area for the foreseeable future. As a company that's still relatively young it's been vital to partner with a firm like GSM as not only do they provide some much-needed guidance but match our enthusiasm for doing business properly - we share a lot of common values.

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