Beehive Capital LLP

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The firm was originally incorporated in 2002 as The Strategic Financial Advice Company to provide corporate finance and management advice.

Regulated by the FCA from its early days, the firm was rebranded as Beehive Capital LLP in late 2006 as a prelude to extending its authorisation with the FSA in 2007.

This variation in its regulatory permission has enabled it to oversee the family of Private Equity and Growth Capital Fund Management businesses that it is currently associated with.

Beehive's belief is that private equity funds should be sector focused and combine a blend of expertise from Finance and the specific industry sector.

By blending these skills within the management teams Beehive helps to add value to its investee companies and assets other than just through the provision of capital.

Beehive also provides back office support and systems to enable fund management teams to focus more on potential investments, divestments and their investors.

GSM have acted as accountants, auditors and tax advisors to the business from day one and have been able to assist the in-house accounts team to comply with the specific financial reporting requirements of the FCA.