More human please

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As we approach the Christmas period and deliver traditional expressions of good will to all, it seems a good time to reflect on the character and not just the functionality of accountants. 

With ever-increasing new technology and digitalisation, along with ever-evolving regulations, it is all too easy to focus on the operational aspects of an accountant's offering to gauge their value to your organisation. But what should clients expect from their accountant when it comes to the crucial advisory aspects of their services? How does their expertise benefit you? How do they engage with you? Is it mechanical or monitoring, mentoring or motivating?

Without doubt, it's a balancing act. In the Charity sector, for example, as the latest Charity Finance Audit Survey shows, accountants like GSM are more highly regarded on many levels, when the more human side of their offering and expertise shines through.

Like all brands, across all sectors, who are currently striving for more authenticity to engage effectively, we would argue that the most endorsed accountants are better balanced in this regard than others. They will be more human in their encounters, not least with their advisory services. They can then credibly substantiate their technology and digital support with the added value of better personal engagement and align this to the very values that keep clients retained year after year.

To listen, understand issues, interact and arrive at solutions, are likely key factors amongst those values that are thankfully mostly out of reach of the typical bot and surprisingly to us, it seems some accountants as well, who might just be a little too reliant on technology.

Consumers are not just calling out for more human brands, but more human face to face encounters too. Particularly on matters that may affect their lives and lifestyles - and nothing comes closer to that than the financial health of their business or charity.

You only need to think of the derision with which automated call handling is viewed, to know that technology can have its downsides. Indeed, the title of this piece might instead have been in the plural - more humans please - in a call for a greater number of experienced people within firms to deliver accounting advice and expertise. So, as well as being more human, with more GSM-like engaging accountancy experiences, a firm can further differentiate itself from other practices with a greater number of person-to-person encounters, over those who might favour more mechanical chats.

For the most part, the bottom line, as so often it comes down to when discussing matters of business and accounting, is that the accountants who successfully blend technology and customer engagement fare better than they would give themselves credit for. So when they are credited with testimonials when they do engage positively, many more clients, current and prospective, ought to know about it.

To hear more about how and why GSM consistently appears in the Top 40 of Charity Auditors and other sector surveys, call us today on 020 7935 3793. We promise there'll be a human on the end of the line.

Have a great Christmas and a very human new year from all at GSM!