While technology is part of an accountant’s bread and butter, Clients will always need jam, today and tomorrow

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To become truly an integral part of your financial systems, technology must be sticky!

Once developed, It must be tailored and then optimised for meeting the specific needs of our clients, and then should be deeply integrated into the company's routines, if it is to have lasting affect.

Long gone are the days of your accountant simply maintaining a ledger of accurate financial information, be it digitally captured or not.

At GSM, we now daily guide and advise how technology should be embedded in our clients' financial systems to not just be reliable, but to be robust, and perform efficiently.

Critically, the ability of such technology to integrate with your other systems and services is crucial. Our understanding of this interdependency within your business, passing on that knowledge to your personnel and adapting financial systems to further bolster the right technology for your business will be essential for your leadership team, if the organisation is to thrive in this technologically heightened environment.

This premise is very much in our planning and practice in moving our client organisations forward, as well as how it should be provided in the current and future development of our accountancy solutions and services.

However, when planning to adopt and adapt technological innovations, we are resolute that the human element should remain the greater part of the client-accountant relationship. Our value-added services, beyond core financial functionalities and tracking can increase stickiness. Services such as forward planning, together with sector and business insights, keep our clients engaged and support the technology infrastructure we put in place.

Technology is here to evaluate, enhance and enable your organisation to act in its best interests, as well as engage with those who need to know vital information. Yet, it is of course the interpretation of that data through the expertise of your accountant which will foster greater confidence in the technology and inform you better, so you can take the decisions that matter.

At GSM, by taking this dual approach, of greater integration of systems paired with greater accounting skills, there can be jam today and tomorrow and from our perspective and that of our current clients, the stickier the better!

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