Specialist Sectors

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We’ve developed a number of industry specialisms over the years, which enable us to provide highly focused accountancy services from our Central London office to a wide range of sectors across the UK.

Industries evolve and your organisation needs to respond to an increasingly competitive and financially regulated world. So we are committed to delivering added value for our clients. We do what it takes to get to know their business and constantly challenge ourselves to lead with the latest industry thinking, always ensuring that they are kept up to date and remain fully compliant.

We regularly advise our clients, some of whom have been part of the GSM family for generations, on the topics that matter most to them, such as maximising value, realising their financial visions and organising their structure in the most tax efficient and advantageous way.

Our experienced team has industry knowledge and a deep understanding and appreciation of the risks, issues and opportunities for many sectors, including…

Working with an accountant who has an in-depth understanding of your sector puts you and your organisation at a great advantage.

Contact us to hear how we can anticipate your needs, identify individual requirements and establish the financial infrastructure that will stand you in good stead for your future growth.