It’s time to rebalance functionality with agility

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While many of your personnel will be aiming to balance work and home life, your company is no doubt doing its utmost to balance functionality with agility, in pursuit of the operational strategy that will deliver the best performance and profitability outcomes for your business.

An organisation's ability to ensure their operational strategy is working towards fulfilling that potential is often a balancing act of four key areas: business resilience, efficiency, personnel and performance, all supported by the dynamism and culture within the organisation.

Complexity in these areas will of course grow in line with size. From the number of personnel and products, to order volumes and activities. Yet, at GSM we ensure that these are deemed as the positives of growth and not viewed as growing pains, with all the negativity inherent in that mindset.

So, we don't put a brake on our client organisation's ability to move forward. Instead, with a positive mindset and the real-time tools readily available, we ensure the finance function can be proactive and so the business can move with alacrity when required.

Good questions to ask of your organisation right now, might be…

  • What can you do to ensure that the business and finance function have the skills and resources they need, and are ready and able, to deliver effectively?
  • Where might your financial processes and practices need to evolve to improve operational cohesion across your business activities?

In our experience, (and that's well over 100 years!), the answers to these will lie in the solutions that emanate from the close working relationship between your organisation and your accountant, arriving at the operating model that enables you to access that real-time information to monitor performance and profitability, so you can implement a strategy that will deliver.

This balanced approach was no doubt something closely considered by judges in our recent win as Business Strategy Consultant of the Year for London and the South-East.

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