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17 May 2024

How your accountant can keep you focused on real opportunities

In business, opportunities are abound at every turn but so are false hopes, pipe dreams, distractions and diversions.

29 Apr 2024

Even if employees are working remotely, there should never be a disconnect with your accountant

In an era where remote working has fast become the norm, even if that is a hybrid arrangement, the role of your accountant in supporting your business and its team has never been more essential for the sake of good governance, sound financial management, skilled forecasting, astute planning and fulfilment of those ambitions.

17 Apr 2024

When SMEs feel squeezed we never let accounting procedures squash their ambition

We often hear about the ‘squeezed middle’ when referring to the economic and financial pressures put on ordinary workers, not least because prices have risen, but their wages have remained the same.

27 Mar 2024

It’s more than mood music that will tell you your business is ready to expand

In the current climate it might seem ill-timed to deliberate whether your business is ready for expansion. But while at GSM we are ever-prudent, we’re also ever-planning for growth on behalf of our clients. So even if the economy is not ready for growth, many businesses are deserving of it and it will be more than mood music telling us so.

18 Mar 2024

When life gives you lemons who’s going to come to your charity’s aid?

Navigating the impact of the cost of living crisis is now a mission in itself for charities. With likely loss of income they are under increasing financial pressure to deliver their services, often when fulfilling a need where beneficiaries are dependent on them for support.

28 Feb 2024

Make the move from procrastination to proactive business accounting

When it comes to business accounting, the journey from procrastination to proactivity can bring about tangible positive changes in efficiency, accuracy and decision-making.

16 Feb 2024

Sharing goes beyond caring when accounting for employee share schemes

The benefits of Employee Share Schemes are both financial and motivational. They enable staff to benefit from the success of the business they're helping to create. Additionally, they are a popular means of attracting employees, especially when the company is unable to pay high salaries. So they might be particularly relevant for your business now, given the current economic climate and/or the maturity of your business.

29 Jan 2024

Mastering your company's tax obligations

At the start of a new year, if there is one thing we regularly hear from organisations new to GSM, is that “This year we want to be master of our company's tax obligations, not a slave to HMRC.”

15 Jan 2024

If the economy shrinks how will you ensure your company finances don’t shrink too?

2024 has begun, according to some commentators, with the prospect of a shrinking UK economy.

18 Dec 2023

When there are great expectations of charities there are great expectations of their accountants too

While there are many appeals for greater support at Christmas for a wide spectrum of charities, sector commentators predict that the great expectations placed on charities this winter will mean that the need for their services, as we move from 2023 in to 2024, promises to be particularly heightened and challenging financially.

20 Nov 2023

Finding the key to tax efficiency for company directors’ incomes

One of the central decisions for UK directors is how to structure their income tax efficiently.

01 Nov 2023

Sustainability for SMEs. Haven’t you got enough on your plate?

ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) considerations have long been associated with larger corporations and now they are becoming increasingly relevant for SMEs too.

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