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20 Nov 2023

Finding the key to tax efficiency for company directors’ incomes

One of the central decisions for UK directors is how to structure their income tax efficiently.

01 Nov 2023

Sustainability for SMEs. Haven’t you got enough on your plate?

ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) considerations have long been associated with larger corporations and now they are becoming increasingly relevant for SMEs too.

10 Aug 2023

With rising rates of interest how interested is your accountant in your commercial borrowings?

The news focus may be more on the rising cost of domestic borrowing, but with interest rates increasing how is your business faring in managing its borrowing?

18 Jul 2023

While technology is part of an accountant’s bread and butter, Clients will always need jam, today and tomorrow

To become truly an integral part of your financial systems, technology must be sticky!

26 Jun 2023

While you’ll want your accountant to have their head in the Cloud you’ll also want them to have their feet on the ground

The pace of innovation in industry is accelerating so rapidly that breakthroughs in emerging technologies are transforming our world and seemingly at breakneck speed.

22 May 2023

Business ownership can be lonely. Don’t go it alone

Running a business can be a challenging and isolating experience. Loneliness is a common feeling among many entrepreneurs.

27 Apr 2023

When you have confidence but the market doesn’t your accountant can help change your business model

The Q1 Business Confidence Monitor from the ICAEW shows confidence recovering, but still weak, as companies remain concerned.

16 Mar 2023

Did the Spring budget ease cost pressures on your business?

The pressure on business is ever present, but has the Spring budget eased that or piled more on already difficult trading circumstances? Time will tell, but what’s important is that you have the support on-board to ensure you don’t become economically inactive, to coin a phrase, but as a business are economically proactive.

14 Feb 2023

When inflation makes it difficult to maintain your profit margins what can your accountant add?

Inflation is much on the Government’s mind at present and equally so the business community.

26 Jan 2023

A new financial framework for your business in 2023

In a new year many make resolutions to ring out the old and bring in the new. Yet it’s no less easy to adopt new ways in business as it is in our personal lives. Financial new year’s resolutions for your business are firstly not always obvious to identify and secondly require the right plan, processes and personnel to implement the change effectively.

13 Dec 2022

More human please

As we approach the Christmas period and deliver traditional expressions of good will to all, it seems a good time to reflect on the character and not just the functionality of accountants.

14 Nov 2022

Running a family business is a marathon not a sprint. Your accountant will need to be as fit as you

Family businesses are the cornerstone of the UK economy and of GSM.

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