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07 Sep 2020

Getting your business back in the swing of things

With summer drawing to a close and the ease on commercial restrictions increasing, business are facing the ‘new normal’ once up and running again.

24 Jul 2020

A post-lockdown wake-up call for business

Slowly but surely, businesses in every sector are heading back to work.

16 Jun 2020

In the current crisis a band-aid won’t keep you well heeled. A good accountant will.

A good accountant will always determine areas of your business requiring attention, identify those that have the most potential for growth, provide insights on cash flow, advise and assist in implementing improvements to stock management, ascertain if there’s a need for business financing and produce financial forecasts so you can make better decisions.

02 Jun 2020

Navigating the pandemic with a hole in the hull will not be remedied with a sticking plaster

Charities could miss out on well over £4bn worth of income in the wake of the pandemic, so navigating the crisis with such a hole in your reserves will not be remedied with sticking plaster solutions.

28 Apr 2020

Whether your financial management needs a pull or push to get through this crisis, don’t do it in isolation

The coronavirus is undoubtedly pushing companies and charities alike to operate in different and even new ways.Your systems, decision making and resilience are likely being tested as never before, as you juggle priorities, productivity and/or performance.

27 Apr 2020

UK200Group Coronavirus Business Impact Survey – April 2020

The responses to this survey confirm the widely held view that SMEs have been dramatically impacted by the effect of the pandemic.

12 Mar 2020

Key points from the Budget

Chancellor of the Exchequer Rishi Sunak announced his Budget to Parliament on Wednesday 11th March; the wider implications of which are sure to impact upon SMEs across the UK.

05 Mar 2020

IR35 - are you in or are you out?

April 6th 2020 sees the expansion of IR35, a piece of tax legislation which determines whether a worker is employed or self-employed.

06 Dec 2019

Reflections on 2019. Will you see things differently at the end of 2020?

They say hindsight is 20:20 vision, in that you can clearly see what happened when looking back. So, when looking back at your business in 2019, do you have a clear understanding of what has happened in your organisation last year and why?

27 Sep 2019

When choosing your accountant here’s how to find the sweet spot in a true partner for your business

With technology acquiring an increasing presence in accountancy practice, there’s a sweet spot to find between your accountant being business-like and being a true partner for your business.

20 Sep 2019

Your choice of accountant could be the difference between their total immersion in your business or going under

There’s good reason to take a deeper dive when choosing your accountant.

11 Sep 2019

A proven route to fuel your business for success

Most businesses are founded by people with a passion for creating different ways to deliver better products or services to their customers.

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