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27 Sep 2019

When choosing your accountant here’s how to find the sweet spot in a true partner for your business

With technology acquiring an increasing presence in accountancy practice, there’s a sweet spot to find between your accountant being business-like and being a true partner for your business.

20 Sep 2019

Your choice of accountant could be the difference between their total immersion in your business or going under

There’s good reason to take a deeper dive when choosing your accountant.

11 Sep 2019

A proven route to fuel your business for success

Most businesses are founded by people with a passion for creating different ways to deliver better products or services to their customers.

01 Jul 2019

Your business could be top drawer once you make tax digital with GSM

Making Tax Digital is an opportunity for you to update your accounting systems and if managed well by your accountant will provide you with additional tools to drive your business forward. It will enable you to benefit from more efficient and easier interaction with HMRC and the tax system. And, importantly, it will also ensure that all decision makers and advisors are fully informed for better financial management of your organisation.

25 Jun 2019

The power of attraction when building a successful property sector business

There is a well-known upside to being active in the property sector, but where there’s an up there’s also a down.

13 Jun 2019

When you have a seed of a good idea don’t dampen it. Innovate through tax efficiency to create conditions for growth.

When you have the seed of a good idea you don’t want the enthusiasm for your project to be dampened down, but encouraged. It should be nurtured, so risk can turn into reward, goals can turn into growth and strategy can turn into success. All skill sets that should be embedded in your appointed accountancy firm.

06 Jun 2019

Uncover the hidden value in your company for more meaningful investor dialogue

There’s great mutual benefit in improving the quality and transparency of the information your organisation provides, so investors and other key stakeholders can be better informed.

30 May 2019

It helps to have a belt & braces approach when planning ahead

Whether you are a charity or a commercial entity you are inevitably under increasing pressure to do more with less and nevertheless succeed in these more constrained times.

14 Mar 2019

While uncertainty continues to surround BREXIT you might welcome a more stable bridge to guide your direction of trade

As uncertainty continues to surround Brexit, more prudent advisers will be encouraging their clients to prepare for all possible outcomes.

24 Dec 2018

Homeless at Christmas?

As providers of ethical accounting services, at GSM we’re always thinking about others, especially at this time of year, particularly the homeless, and that’s not just those who are without an accountant for the new year.

17 Dec 2018

It’s Christmas! Not on the high

In the run-up to Christmas the ever increasing trend in the Retail sector for online purchases appears to be having a detrimental effect on our high streets.

28 Sep 2018

Tax Changes for Landlords

Restricting loan interest relief for ‘buy to let’ landlords

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