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Welcome to the GSM & Co Blog where we share our expertise and experience of best accountancy practice. Do let us know of your experiences. And if you have any questions that arise we'd be delighted to answer them.

14 Mar 2019

While uncertainty continues to surround BREXIT you might welcome a more stable bridge to guide your direction of trade

As uncertainty continues to surround Brexit, more prudent advisers will be encouraging their clients to prepare for all possible outcomes.

24 Dec 2018

Homeless at Christmas?

As providers of ethical accounting services, at GSM we’re always thinking about others, especially at this time of year, particularly the homeless, and that’s not just those who are without an accountant for the new year.

17 Dec 2018

It’s Christmas! Not on the high

In the run-up to Christmas the ever increasing trend in the Retail sector for online purchases appears to be having a detrimental effect on our high streets.

28 Sep 2018

Tax Changes for Landlords

Restricting loan interest relief for ‘buy to let’ landlords

18 Sep 2018

A retailer like no other, guided by an accountant like no other

In the crowded, highly competitive retail marketplace, it takes a lot to be Finalists for Independent Menswear Brand of the Year by Drapers magazine.

30 Aug 2018

The life of a sole trader - keeping records and the dreaded tax return

The last tax year (2017/18) is nearly 5 months behind us and the online deadline for filing and paying your Self-Assessment tax return for that tax year is just over 5 months ahead of us; midnight on 31 January 2019.

08 Aug 2018

If there’s a meltdown happening in your accounts department this summer, might we suggest you move to an accountant who can keep you cool throughout the year.

It’s not only the hot weather that can cause your accounts department to melt down. Problems might occur when people are on holiday, but in our experience a lack of personnel is rarely the origin.

27 Jul 2018

A firm for your future that will always remember the past

Quite understandably we’ve done a lot of looking back lately at the achievements and growth we’ve achieved as a firm and in assisting our clients over the past 100 years. Decade after decade we have proved we’ve moved with the times and this decade is no exception.

08 Jun 2018

How accountancy has changed over the past 100 years

At GSM we’ve been sharing our knowledge, (as well as tea), and best practice in accounting for our clients’ businesses for 100 years. And it has always been so much more than good stewardship of their finances.

14 May 2018

How we grow our own

At GSM, we are celebrating a real milestone this year: 100 years in practice.

01 Apr 2018

GSM & Co celebrates 100 years in business by inviting 2 new Partners into the Partnership

We are thrilled to announce that GSM & Co, a London based Chartered Accountancy & Audit firm celebrates its 100 year anniversary from 1st April 2018.

30 Jan 2018

If the pressure of regulation in presenting your charity’s accounts has made you a little tense, you can open your eyes now

Close your eyes and you won’t see the wood from the trees. Open them to the skills of a specialist charity accountant and you’ll be steered along a path that considers all pertinent regulation to ensure your Charity will deemed responsible in its reporting.

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