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At GSM we have a unique approach to keeping your fashion business in the black. It’s called Frock Control.

At its heart is the need to maintain a tight control over cash and stock, as well as having goods on-hand to sell within an appropriate turnaround time. And as Central London accountants, we’re close to the heart of the UK fashion industry in more ways than financial.

From our great experience in the sector, we know that in practical and accounting terms you need to mitigate exposure to the vagaries of markets and to potential weak links in your supply chain, be it as a result of outsourcing, lack of control over raw materials or even the finished product.

And that’s where Frock Control comes in. It’s not just window dressing.

In addition to our compliance, auditing and accountancy services, GSM will put in place a robust financial framework for your business to work in parallel with the developing kudos of your brand.

Plus, as we understand that in your sector there can be large fluctuations in profitability season after season and year on year, we place great store in effective tax planning on your behalf.

Our services include...

  • financial and cash flow projections
  • analysing gross profit by product lines
  • measuring seasonal impact year on year
  • providing accounting systems recommendations
  • reviewing overhead and production costs

For the financial framework that your brand can rely on each season, online, on the high street and on the catwalk, contact us today about Frock Control.

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