What should accountants do to maintain committed and loyal relationships with their clients?

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Recently recognised as the Most Trusted Accountancy Practice in Greater London in the SME News Finance Awards, we don't underestimate our trusted advisor role. Neither do we take our responsibilities for granted.

An Accountancy Age study shows that executives consider knowledge to be a positive factor in strengthening their commitment to their auditor. Equally, that good personal relations are also an important part of building an accountant-client relationship.

At GSM our spread of knowledge and experience is wide-ranging and in 104 years of providing accountancy services for clients across the commercial and not for profit sectors, our client retention rate is way above the industry norm. We have moved with the times and our clients have moved with us.

Yet, we haven't issued a loyalty card or any type of reward scheme! We know that the best business strategy for an accountancy practice is satisfied clients.

Of course, satisfaction comes in many forms when the delivery of financials is the factor that determine this. From timely delivery, to accuracy and client understanding, as well as interpreting these to aid future decision making. These are all key to maintaining committed and loyal relationships with clients.

At GSM we've been doing the right thing since 1918, going deeper into a client's business to analyse and understand its operations, to understand and help them progress towards meeting goals and to deliver practical accounting solutions that are as future-proofed as possible.

We learned long ago that best practice for an accountancy practice is that If you delve into those areas you get a deeper understanding of a client's organisation and then as we deliver on these, our accountants will connect strongly with our clients and are able to build the solid relationships which make for long lasting, fruitful business partnerships.

To hear more how GSM builds better business and dependable client relationships that stand the test of time, contact us on 020 7935 3793