Barnabas Aid International

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In the 1970s Dr Patrick Sookhdeo, a graduate of the then London Bible College, founded a Christian Charity in Contact Ministries.

Following an introduction through Church connections, Patrick developed a close friendship with Leslie Moscrop, one of the founding partners of GSM, which in turn saw GSM become valued advisors to Patrick and his charity as its work developed.

Commencing its work in a large redundant Anglican Church in East London and led by the vision, and entrepreneurial abilities of its founder, the charity developed successfully with one aspect of its work, the provision of aid to persecuted Christian minorities, growing so fast that it warranted the formation of a separate charity, which we now know as Barnabas Aid International.

This organisation currently has its head office in Wiltshire, from where it has continued to expand its work in supporting persecuted Christian minorities wherever they are found in the world.

From the charity's beginnings to the present day, GSM has provided accounting and business advice to the trustees to enable Barnabas Aid International to meet its regulatory requirements. Indeed we currently maintain the payroll and prepare and audit the statutory accounts.

However, our role remains purely advisory and the successful development of the charity's work and the widespread support it has within the Christian community is testimony to the initiative and ability of Dr Sookhdeo and his loyal team of co-trustees and employees.