Will slow and steady reap financial benefits further down the line?

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As a prudent, yet proactive accountancy practice we quite naturally plan for optimising financial controls and processes that deliver new efficiencies for our clients and enable them to unlock opportunities to drive growth.

In our book it's about rebalancing functionality with agility, where our clients' books tally, reporting the true costs of services and/or production and aligning the operating model to meet strategic and financial targets, all along the way.

No doubt this was something closely scrutinised by judges in our recent win as Business Strategy Consultant of the Year for London and the South-East in the Corporate Livewire Prestige Awards.

We typically break-down our advisory services into three fundamental areas:

  • Operational strategy
  • Transformational strategy
  • Future-Proofing strategy

Your operational strategy should be rooted in your accountant's ability to access real-time information to monitor performance and profitability, the lengths they go to to interpret the data and their astute identification of a route forward, so you can implement a strategy that will improve on what is presently in place.

A transformational strategy will naturally depend where organisations are in their business lifecycle, but at its core at GSM we will take the path of taking accounting initiatives in decreasing, increasing and growing various Key Performance Indicators. These might be directing you towards decreasing overhead spending and production costs, increasing revenue, increasing market share, increasing new customers or customer retention, as well as growing profits and growing shareholder value, for example.

These KPIs will be the financial framework of an accounting strategy to help you future-proof your organisation for whatever downturns in businesses there are, to counter the rising costs of doing business, to hold firm against the economic and political changes that might impact your company, enabling you to make decisions, take `actions, or indeed no action, to steadily steer your organisation to not only go down the line but to get over that line.

In a series of future posts we'll take you into a little more depth of how our Partner-led accounting services do so. However, if you want to get ahead of these, to arrange a no-obligation meeting with one of our Partners, call GSM today on 020 7935 3793.