The retail market is fiercely competitive and it demands a great deal from you, as it should from your accountant.

GSM has a reputation for high quality service across all our accountancy and audit services and nowhere more prevalent is this than in the retail sector, where we are renowned for our proactive approach on how to improve your position.

We may be Central London accountants, but we have real experience of growing retail businesses nationwide.

We can help you maximise your profitability through improvements in your stock control, re-ordering and reconciliation procedures and where appropriate advise on computerised systems.

Perhaps the biggest bane of a retailer's life are the demands of the VAT regime. We can relieve you of a lot of unnecessary time and expense by advising on VAT planning, administration and use of the most appropriate scheme.

At GSM we’ll help you to stay ahead of the competition to ensure you are in the best possible position, be it online, in the shopping centre or on the high street.

Contact us now to to see how when it comes to retail it’s all in the detail we provide at GSM.

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