A firm for your future that will always remember the past


Quite understandably we’ve done a lot of looking back lately at the achievements and growth we’ve achieved as a firm and in assisting our clients over the past 100 years. Decade after decade we have proved we’ve moved with the times and this decade is no exception.

We are living through an extraordinary era of uncertainty and yet we and our clients continue to thrive.

How so?

A visit to the GSM office quickly establishes that this is a welcoming, efficient, calm, effective environment where important work gets done, plans for growth hatched and where accounting and advisory services are matched to build better businesses.

We’ve always considered ourselves a ‘modern day classic’ and so despite the exposed air conditioning in our current offices, the present day heirs of GSM are very well conditioned from your GSM accountants of past years.

At GSM we grow our own people to continue to portray the values and deliver the services which encapsulate the ethical essence of our practice….to always do the right thing…and so make a difference to your business, lives and bottom line, as well as clearly differentiate GSM from other firms.

Our succession plan is not only thought of in personnel terms, but also in alignment with these values that have got both the firm and its clients to this point in 2018.

And so at GSM we and our clients may celebrate and remember the past, but we also always remember the future.

As we move forward, those values will be equally important in embracing any future accountancy, business and environmental advances.

A key part of our firm’s continuous professional development is our association with the UK200Group, the leading quality assured membership organisation, who promote high quality of standards in our industry, provide us with ready access to specialist knowledge when required and importantly, year after year undertake an independent quality audit of our systems, procedures and compliance. Happily we pass with flying colours! So you can rest assured that your auditors get audited too.

We and our clients are assured that our use of sophisticated technologies will enhance GSM’s ways of working, not detract from these. Not least because the services of our accountancy practice is no longer limited by the physical size of the team. Evolving smart services will enhance our flexibility, enlarge our capacity for further bespoke services and maintain, if not increase our powers of personnel collaboration and engagement with your organisations’s stakeholders.

GSM is without doubt a firm for your future. Now could be a very good time to tell your friends, family and business partners, that we could be very good for their future too.