If the pressure of regulation in presenting your charity’s accounts has made you a little tense, you can open your eyes now

Close your eyes and you won’t see the wood from the trees. Open them to the skills of a specialist charity accountant and you’ll be steered along a path that considers all pertinent regulation to ensure your Charity will deemed responsible in its reporting.

Yet, even the most experienced and resolute Financial Director of a charity can find presenting their accounts stressful, with so many stakeholders to consider. But it needn’t be so.

If the accountancy firm’s priorities and principles match your own, that’s an extremely good starting point. Where that is the case, they will…

  • feel as responsible as you in ensuring charitable funds are organised and/or spent in accordance with the objectives of the charity and the wishes of the donor. 
  • want to instil in all stakeholders confidence in the figures presented, to ensure that the Charity can meet its current and future commitments
  • ensure that their accountancy provision is as ethical in its planning as it is in its delivery
  • provide such detail and a thoroughness in approach to give the impression to stakeholders that they’re virtually in the same room.

GSM understands these issues and many more, giving every good cause good reason to review their current provision in favour of GSM.

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