If there’s a meltdown happening in your accounts department this summer, might we suggest you move to an accountant who can keep you cool throughout the year.


It’s not only the hot weather that can cause your accounts department to melt down. Problems might occur when people are on holiday, but in our experience a lack of personnel is rarely the origin.

A perhaps more damaging circumstance, at the root of many problems, could be that you have the wrong accounting system in place. So meltdowns could happen even when you have the full complement of staff at work and at any point in the year. Equally, you might not experience a total meltdown but a trickle-down effect, where the ongoing drip will ultimately soften the core of your business.

If your financial processes don't suit your operations, your current scale, your future plans, or simply just are not working efficiently to achieve your objectives, then however much you try to avoid them, meltdowns could happen far more often than you’d like.

GSM clients benefit from 100 years of mentoring expertise and monitoring experience, helping build better businesses that will stand the test of time. So we’re a firm for your future, that will always remember the past.

We’ll install more efficient accounting systems within your organisation and instil in your team a greater focus on the desired end-result. This means our facilitating better accountancy disciplines within your business, training your personnel and guiding them through changes in regulation and legislation, not just at the outset of our relationship, or at year end, but throughout, so you have the highest level of partner-led service to suit your needs. And these can be as much in the Cloud or on the ground, as befits your goals and business activities.

Summer is a great time to consider what you are getting from your current accountant…

  • Are they fully informing you and advising you for the better management and growth of your business?
  • Are they engaging with you in the context of the changing commercial landscape?
  • Are they attuned to the same high standards you set yourself?

If not, it’s perhaps time to take the heat off you and beat a path to our door.