When you feel everyone is pointing a finger, you can take pride that responsibility for your charity's financial governance rests with you

As a Trustee it is your responsibility to help shape robust financial governance in your Charity and yet maintain high levels of transparent reporting. It’s no mean task!

Yet, when scrutiny is at its highest you can hold your head high when you know you’ve done the right thing by the Charity, its Trustees and Beneficiaries.

But how do you ensure this is the case? Here are some pointers from one of the sector’s longest serving accountancy firms, Griffin Stone Moscrop & Co. (GSM to its many Not For Profit friends.)…

  • At GSM we regard of absolute importance heightened levels of attention to the three 3 R’s of charity accounting - Responsibility, Regulation and Reporting. One underpins the other, yet together they will also underpin your charity’s integrity and at their heart is the integrity of your accounts.
  • No matter your size, your Charity has a duty to ensure your accounts are presented in accordance with the disclosure requirements of the latest legislation and applicable accounting standards. In this way the integrity of your accounts can remain sacrosanct and unchallenged.
  • As a charity you are likely to have several restricted funds you need to monitor. So it is vital that accounting records are well maintained and that Trustees receive reliable, regular and easy to understand financial information.

GSM provide accounting solutions that are in your Charity’s best interest not our own. It’s as important to the integrity of your Charity’s accounts as it is to our continued good reputation. Another ‘R’ we protect with utmost care.

To hear more insights garnered from nearly a century of charity sector accountancy expertise, contact us today on 020 7935 3793