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How does your business look from behind? It’s great to have design and making skills, but if you want a viable business you have to make sure the ‘back end’ of your business fits your design.

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If you are looking at scaling up your business in the longer term you need to get your grading right – just as you do when you scale up your designs.

You don’t want to spend five years working really hard only to find out that you owe the tax man a fortune and you don’t own the rights to your own designs.

Working with the UK’s leading fashion portal Fashion Capital, these conversational style webinars are designed to get you thinking and get you started with a pattern for success.

Hosted by Annabel Kaye (Director of Irenicon Ltd)  and Jenny Tolmie, (Partner of Griffin Stone Moscrop & Co) we will be talking about simple ways to get yourself on track with money and people and giving you some top tips to help you avoid some nasty problems.

There will be free downloads available during each webinar and we will deal with live questions and chat to everyone – this is not going to be a broadcast. Replays will be available for a limited period

If you have started in business there are things you need to do and people you need to tell.

Jenny Tolmie will be showing you how to let the tax man know what you are up to, and giving you some simple tips on how to keep records as you go so that you don’t end up with any unexpected bills or problems.

Annabel Kaye will be talking about working with people you don’t pay – from friends, to ‘unpaid interns’ and volunteers and showing you how to avoid feuds, arguments and claims for minimum wages from people you didn’t know you had to pay.

You get to the point when you need to pay people to do things for you – and reach out for support.

Jenny Tolmie will be talking about how the tax side of paying freelancers is not what it seems (and how this can come back and make a problem for you)

Annabel Kaye will be talking about how to know when it is time to outsource and the difference between outsourcing in the UK or abroad and how that can affect your brand and your business.

Are you planning to get to the point when you should have a company or staff?

Jenny Tolmie will be talking about the advantages and disadvantages of forming a company for your business compared to being a sole trader.

Annabel Kaye will be talking about flexible ways to employ people without getting caught up in things you can’t afford.

To register for this series of webinars click the link below and then click on the registration button. This is a one time registration for all 3 events – simply register for the first event and you will receive your email reminders for all 3.