Diversity Survey Results

Following completion of our Probate diversity data survey 2019 we have produced this summary of the results accordingly.

All partners are ICAEW Chartered Accountants. Of our professional team 7 are qualified members of the ICAEW, 1 is a qualified accountant, 7 are training with ICAEW and 3 are training for other qualifications. We are also supported by 3 other support staff.

We have a good level of diversity across core areas as highlighted below: -

  • 15% of the team are under 25, 37% aged between 25-34, 22% are 35-44 years old, 11% of the team are aged 55-64 and we have 1 member aged 65+ the remaining team members observed their right to not say.
  • 40% of our staffing team are female across all areas of the business.
  • 89% have no disability and the remaining 11% preferred not to say when completing their questionnaire.
  • 22% of the team are from Asian/Asian British ethnicity, 7.4% from Black/African/Caribbean/British ethnicity, 3.7% of staff are from Other Mixed/multiple ethnic backgrounds, 3.7% are Irish, 7.4% are from other white backgrounds, 3.8% preferred not to say and the remaining 52% are White British.
  • 33% of our team were the first generation in their family to go to university, while 22% did not attend University.
  • 63% attended a UK state school, 15% attended a UK independent/fee paying school and the balance is made up of those attending school outside the UK or who preferred not to say.