Coronavirus (COVID-19) – Griffin Stone Moscrop’s response to COVID-19

The health and wellbeing of our people, clients and suppliers is paramount to us. The partners have been keeping up to date on all of the developments. We have been issuing regular advice to our team to limit the spread of any illnesses. This advice includes taking a common-sense approach to personal hygiene; as well as restricting non-essential travel, limiting our involvement in external events and ensuring we are notified straight away of anyone that has been put at potential risk.

We also encourage our team to discuss and address clients’ concerns with regards to on-site visits, whether at our location or clients’ offices.

If the outbreak results in our office closure, or quarantine for any of our team, rest assured we have a robust business continuity plan in place that will enable us to minimise the impact on our service to you. We have provided our team with the tools and technology they need to work remotely, and landline phones can be forwarded to mobiles if required. If you cannot get through to us on the phone, please do email us and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

If your business is impacted

There is no doubt that many of you are concerned about how this pandemic will affect your business day-to-day, and its impact on any upcoming strategic decisions. Please remember that we are here to support you with any immediate planning or personnel questions you might have, however small. We will be happy to talk through your concerns and work with you to find the right solution for your business, so do give us a call.

On a personal level please take care of yourself and those you hold dear.

Thank you,
Griffin Stone Moscrop & Co

This handy quick reference guide will help SMEs prioritise the actions they need to take as we enter the next phase of the Covid crisis.
This guide has been produced to help SMEs consider the implications for their business and guide them on the choices they have.
This document summarises the key support available to businesses of all sizes - SMEs, the self-employed and also larger businesses.