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Alan Li

Alan joined GSM as a trainee accountant in January 2021 after working in industry for four years – in particular not-for-profit finance. He completed his AAT qualification in 2019 and is now part way through his ICAEW exams and working towards becoming a chartered accountant. At GSM, he has exposure to a wide range of clients in multiple industries to help strengthen his knowledge and understanding of business.

Outside of work Alan enjoys football, running, reading and playing the guitar.

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Alex Wilkinson

Alex joined GSM as a trainee accountant in March 2023 after finishing university and deciding to embark a career in accountancy and is about to start the journey to complete his ACA qualification! After joining GSM, Alex has found the support and knowledge available from his peers second to none and with this support, he is excited to see how much he can learn and grow as an aspiring accountant.

Outside of work, Alex enjoys a wide range of sports including golf, cricket, and squash. He also enjoys reading, spending time with his friends and family, and trying new activities.

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Amy Le

Amy joined GSM in January 2023, after finishing university and deciding that she wanted to start her career in accountancy. She is now about to embark on her journey to obtaining her ACA qualification. Since being at GSM, Amy has found that it is a place where she is able to learn and grow, because of the vast amount of knowledge everyone here has and is willing to share with her.

Outside of work, she enjoys spending time with her family and friends and doing jigsaw puzzles.

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Anna Pyvovarova

Having completed her AAT qualification in 2012 Anna worked in industry for 4 years, and joined the practice in 2016 as an ACA trainee. Anna is now part-qualified with ICAEW and is looking forward to sitting her final exams and gaining her ACA qualification.

At GSM she has the opportunity to gain all-round experience working with commercial and not-for-profit clients and assisting senior colleagues in a wide variety tasks including bookkeeping, accounts preparation and auditing.

Outside of work and studying, Anna enjoys reading (something else other than study manuals), travelling to sunny destinations (not necessarily warm ones) and skiing.

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Harriet Coleman

Harriet joined GSM in January 2023 after completing her AAT qualification having worked in practice for the previous five years. She is about to embark on the next step, completing her ACA qualification. At GSM she is looking forward to expanding her accounting knowledge and experience.

Having moved from Lincolnshire to London recently, outside of work Harriet enjoys exploring the city, going to the gym, socialising with friends and shopping.

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Jemma Titley

Jemma joined GSM in 2016 shortly after finishing her A-Levels. She is currently half way through her AAT qualification and is aiming to become ACA qualified within the next few years. However, Jemma is no stranger to GSM and from an early age she spent many school holidays helping out in the general office, delivering post up and down the 6 storey office and running errands for the office and payroll team! During her time at GSM, although only a trainee, Jemma has already built close relationship with a few clients whom she works with on a monthly basis.

Outside of work Jemma enjoys spending time with her friends and family and is now aiming to get herself on the property ladder.

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Joakim Knuckey

Joakim joined GSM in July 2023 after working in various roles in accountancy and business. Before joining GSM, he worked on completing the CIMA qualification and is now looking to transition to become ACA qualified within GSM.

Joakim is proud to work for such an established firm and has found the environment supportive and friendly. He is keen to add to this by expanding his skills within the accountancy field and establishing strong client relationships.

Outside of work Joakim enjoys exercising, playing the piano, art and reading.

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Lou Desouza

Lou joined the firm as a qualified accountant seeking audit experience. She now has under her belt an abundance in audit experience. She is also involved in many of our firms Assurance and Accounts preparation assignments, working on a wide range of clients. Some of the clients in her portfolio she has been involved with since joining the firm in 2007. We suspect that is one of the reasons she remains with us as she loves to build on her long standing relationships with clients.

Outside of work (ok, whilst at work too – but don’t tell anyone), she is always thinking about where she can travel to next. At the start of this year, she ticked off the last place on her Scandinavian tour. For the last 4 years, she has been chasing the Northern Lights and has explored the many winter sports available in these countries. She also became a reindeer driver whilst in Lapland and has the licence to prove it!

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Matthew Orr

Matthew joined GSM as a school leaver in September 2022 to work as part of the admin team and enjoyed the experience so much he undertook his level 3 AAT qualification with the firm and passed in February 2024. Now, he has transitioned into the accounts/audit team and is starting his AAT level 4 qualification with the firm in June 2024. 

in his spare time, Matthew likes to meet up with his friends and visit his family. He enjoys watching football, reading new books and travelling. 

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Regan Olson

Regan joined GSM at the start of her accounting career in 2019. She is currently studying towards her level 3 AAT qualification and hopes to complete her AAT level 4 qualification shortly after. Since being at GSM, Regan has learnt a whole new range of skills and is excited to see where this opportunity will take her.

Outside of work Regan enjoys spending time with her friends and family and is passionate about exploring the world to experience new cities and cultures.

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Sebastian Barthropp

Sebastian joined GSM in April 2022 after completing his AAT and ICAEW certificate level qualifications having worked in practice for the previous five years. He is now part way through his ICAEW qualifications and working towards becoming a chartered accountant. At GSM he has exposure to a vast client base and is enjoying expanding his accounting knowledge and experience.

Outside of work Sebastian enjoys running, going to the gym and playing card games.

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Terrance Wong

Terrance joined the firm after university and has now gained over 20 years’ experience with GSM and its client portfolio. He enjoys the challenging nature of the industry and excels in establishing and maintaining client relationships. Terrance is always a team player, keen to assist clients and colleagues alike.

In his spare time, Terrance enjoys reading and riding his bicycle around London town.

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Thomas McMinn

Thomas Joined GSM as a school leaver in November 2018, and is about to start studying towards his level 3 AAT qualification, with hopes of also completing both his AAT level 4 and his ACA qualification with the firm in the future.

Outside of work Thomas spends his time having fun with his family and friends. He also plays amateur football on Sundays for his local 11 a side team and is a keen member of the GSM 5-a-side team.